ATEX rechargeable head torches II 2G



ATEX rechargeable head torch

ATEX rechargeable head torch.
Hands-free ATEX rechargeable head torches. Ergonomic and robust design. Suitable for helmet or head. Rechargeable.
LED light source 1w or auxiliary LED. Orientable.

Light beam 1W: maximum light intensity concentrated light beam (approx 4.5º): 1500 lux at 1m.
Secondary LED light beam: maximum light intensity: 8000 mCd.



Reference HT-100
Description Rechargeable helmet flashlight
Certification II 2 G Ex ib IIC T3 IP20 / I M2 Ex I IECE 62013-1
Zones 1-2
Certificate VTT 02 ATEX 013X
Material Impact resistant, electrostatic treatment. Tempered Crystal Lens
Light beam Concentrated
Light source LED 1w 6V 1x white LED 6V
Light Intensity 40.5 lumens 8000 mCd
Power supply Ni-MH battery 6V 1350mAh, 500 charge cycles
Light duration Up to 7 hours Up to 48 hours
Weight (with battery) 0.512 kg
Compatible charger HT-101 y HT-102
Main network charger 100-240Vac
HT-101 y HT-104
Car Charger 12-30Vdc
Recharge time 2 hours 45 minutes