ATEX torches for mining and industry: Mini-Micro

Linternas Mini-Micro ATEX

Micro and Mini torhces use high-tech light sources for impressive performance with compact size. They are designed to carry in the pocket and with ATEX IECEx certification for safe use in explosive atmospheres and with temperatures T4 or T5. All lantern models are certified for use in mining applications.

LED flashlight models (M-10 Micro, M-40 Mini and M-60 Mini) are approved for zones 0, 1 and 2; and M-20 Xenon Mini is approved for use in 1 and 2 ATEX zones.

The ATEX Micro M-10 LED torch features a 5mm white LED that runs on a large-bore alkaline button battery (LR44), lasting up to two hours, in a very compact size.
The M-20 Mini xenon torch uses “AAA” LR03 batteries, and provides a narrow beam of light with powerful range of up to 2.3 hours.
The M-40 Mini and M-60 Mini LED flashlights are powered by three LR1 alkaline batteries. The M-40 has three 5mm LED lights and the M-60 has a single high power LED.

ATEX Micro and Mini torches have an ergonomic design and are made with high quality thermoplastic resin. They have excellent resistance to impacts and chemicals, and carry a polycarbonate lens.
All flashlight models feature a hole to pass a cord (the M-10 Micro model includes a neck lanyard) and a pocket clip.
All torches in the series are IP67 certified and are water and dust tight.

Reference M-10 M-20 M-40 M-60
Description MICRO LED torch MINI XENON torch MINI LED torch MINI LED 1w torch
Industrial Certification ATEX II 1GD Ex ia IIC
T5 tD A20 IP67
T4 tD A21 IP67
ATEX II 1GD Ex ia IIC T4 tD A20 IP67
Mining Certification ATEX M1 Ex ia I IP67 ATEX M2 Ex ib I IP67 ATEX M1 Ex ia I IP67
Zones 0-1-2-20-21-22 1-2-21-22 0-1-2-20-21-22
Certificate Baseefa06ATEX0084 IECEx BAS 06.0023
Light beam Medium Concentrated Medium
Light source 1x5mm white LED M-201 – Xenon
Bulb 2.3V 0.3A
3x5mm white LED 1x1w white LED
Light source life 25000 h 30 h 25000 h
Light Intensity 30 cd 15 lm 3×30 cd Up to 90 lm
Power supply Batteries LR44 – 4×1.5V Batteries LR03 – 2×1.5V Batteries LR1 – 3×1.5V
Light duration Up to 2 h Up to 2.3 h Up to 10 h
Weight (with batteries) 25 g 60 g


Available to download the catalog of ATEX portable lighting and other personal equipment solutions among which are the ATEX torches.
ATEX Portable lighting catalog

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