0403.24 SERIES


ATEX bulkhead light fitting

ATEX bulkhead light fitting dimensions

Certificate EXA 15 ATEX 0070X
RU C-HR.AB24.B.03246
Marking of explosion protection II 2G EEx de IIC T2-T3
Installation Zone 1-2-21-22
Degree of protection IP64
Impact Resistance IK08
Temperature -40ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +40/50/60ºC: type II 2GD
-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +40ºC: type I M2
Voltage 230V AC, 110V AC, 24V AC/DC,
50Hz (60Hz on request)
Material Housing:
0403.24/10, /11, /12: aluminium powder painted casting
0403.24/20: cast iron
Diffuser: borosilicate glass protected with steel grid
Mounting Directly to the surface by hooks
Inputs 2 x M25 (1 plugged)
Lamps Incandescent lamps, E27 lampholder, up to 100W
Halogen lamps, E27 lampholder, 77W A ECO

Reference Model Lamp LM Weight
0403.24/10 II 2G Ex d e IIC T2, T3 Gb 100W max. 1500 4,3 Kg
60W max. 800
77W max. / A ECO 1320
(red or green glass)
II 2G Ex d e IIC T3 Gb 400W max. 450
0403.24/20 I M2 Ex d e I Mb 100W max. 1500 7,5 Kg

Reference Accesories
0403.24 10-110 Ex d lampholder E27 set
0403.24 10-120 Gasket
0403.24 10-130 Replacement glass
0403.24 20-110 Light bulb 40W, 60W, 100W
SPU 25 Ex e cable gland M25
0403.24 20-120 II M2 Ex e I Cable gland
SPC 25 Ex e plug M25
0403.24 20-130 I M2 Ex e I Plug M25