ATEX projectors

ATEX projectors dimensions

Certificate EXA 14 ATEX 0047
RU C-HR.AB24.B.03248
Marking of explosion protection II 2GD
Ex d e IIC T4-T3 Gb
Ex d IIC T4-T3 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T130ºC – T195ºC Db
Temperature -20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +40ºC [ATEX]
Voltage RLF/… HIT,HST,HME,QT: 230 – 240 V (-10% / +6%)
RLF/… QL: 230V (200 – 277V) o (190 – 264 V) DC
Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Terminals Clamps in Ex d e adapter for connection L1, L2, N, PE, 2,5mm2 max. / clamp – solid, stranded
Cable entries RLF/… HIT,HST,HME,QT: 3xM20 (2 with plug, 1 with ADP 03/23)
RLF/… QL: 2xM25 (1 with cable gland, 1 with plug)
Material Housing: aluminium powder painted casting
Diffuser: borosilicate tube glass

Ref Description Power LM Mesures
(AxBxC mm)
RLF/250 HIT HIE 250W T4 130ºC E40 250W 20000 565x415x435 25
RLF/250 HST HST 250W T4 130ºC E40 33200
RLF/250 HME HME 250W T4 130ºC E40 13000
RLF/400 HIT HIE 400W T3 190ºC E40 400W 34000 27
RLF/400 HST HST 400W T3 190ºC E40 56500
RLF/500 IQT IQT 500W T3 190ºC E40 500W 10250 22
RLF/300 IQT IQT 300W T3 190ºC E40 300W 5600
RLF/85 QL QL 85W T4 130ºC 85W 6300 580x415x355
RLF/165 QL QL 165W T4 130ºC 165W 12000

Reference Accesories
RLF 10-110 Light bulb
RLF 10-120 Mounting screw M12x40
RLF 10-130 U screw M12
RLF 20-110 Base plate HIT, HST Set
RLF 20-120 Base plate HME Set
RLF 20-130 Gasket
ADP 23/1 Adapter Ex d e
RLF 20-140 Ex d plug M20