Compressed air lamps ATEX II 2 GD – I M2



ATEX compressed air lamps

ATEX compressed air lamps with ultra light design made with aluminum. 250w halogen light source. With stainless steel exhaust muffler.

Brass version available for use in mining group I.


250w with 360º lighting
Maximum luminous intensity 70 lux at 2.5m
250w concentrated light beam (approx 10 °)
Maximum luminous intensity 2000 lux at 5m
250w with matt reflector, diffuse light beam (approx 25°)
Maximum luminous intensity 950 lux at 5m

ATEX compressed air lamps

Reference A-TL44A A-TL44B A-TL45A A-TL45B
Description Compressed air luminaire 360º lighting Compressed air lighting up to 25º lighting
Industrial Certification ATEX II 2GD IIC T4
Mining Certification ATEX I M2 ATEX I M2
Zones 1-2-21-22
Certificate SIRA02ATEX5099X
Material Aluminum Brass Aluminum Brass
Light beam 360º lighting Scattered (concentrated on demand)
Light source Halogen bulb 24V 250w (refs. A-129/A-159, 6000lm/9000lm, 2000hours/200hours)
Power supply Compressed air turbo alternator 5.0-8.0 bar, consumption 0.75m3/min
Index of protection Once pressurized it can be used underwater
Weight 5,5 Kg 9,4 Kg 7,1 Kg 13,5 Kg
Special conditions A clean, dry air source should be used
The hose used must be antistatic
Lamps used in ATEX dust areas must have a hose that goes to a safe area