Kit Iluminación Tanques ATEX II 2 GD



ATEX Tank Lighting Kit

ATEX Tank Lighting Kit with robust and durable construction. GRP or stainless steel transformer. 180º or 360º lighting.
Fluorescent lamps included, with 15m cable 4mm2 (optional up to 35m). ATX plugs and sockets as standard (optional CEAG/Stahl). Voltage 24V (110V or 230V on request).


2 x 36W 180° or 4 x 36W 360°
Light intensity 138 lux at 2.5m
Light intensity 36 lux at 5m
ATEX Tank Lighting kit


Reference LL-114 LL-214 LL-124 LL-224
Description GRP 110V Transformer GRP 230V Transformer 110V stainless steel Transformer 230V stainless steel Transformer
Certification ATEX II 2 GD Ex ed IIC T3 IP66 ATEX II 2 GD Ex ed IIC T4 IP66
Zones 1-2-21-22
Certificate LCIE02ATEX6248X SIRA08ATEX3182X
Material GRP Stainless steel
Power 400 VA
Voltage 110Vac +6% -10% 230Vac +6% -10% 110Vac +/-10% 230Vac +/-10%
Voltage (output) 24V
Cable and plug 15m cable SY with ATX 2P+T plug
Sockets 4 sockets ATX 2P+T 24V
Dimensions 460x450x80mm 580x370x270mm
Weight 21 Kg 23 Kg