CentaurSlam Trans 400EX ATEX II 2 GD


CentaurSlam Trans 400EX ATEX

Portable, rugged, durable ATEX transformer. Barely needs maintenance.
Multiple sockets options. Connectable to the CentaurSlam Hornet luminaires range.
CentaurSlam Trans 400EX trasformer dimensions

Reference CSTR400EX
Description Portable transformer for 1, 21 ATEX zones
Certification ATEX II 2 GD Ex e mb IIC T4 IP66
Zones 1-2-21-22
Certificate VTT08ATEX029
Material Anodized aluminum. Polyurethane antistatic case. Antistatic plastic handle
Power Max. 400VA
Voltage Input 110VAC, output 24VAC/48VAC. Input 230VAC, output 12VAC, 24VAC, 48VAC
Plugs and Sockets Versions 2P, 2P+T y 3P de ATX, Ceag, Marechal or Stahl
Cable H07BQ-F (length to specify)
Secondary current Ikmax 16A
Weight (without cable) 17 Kg
Options 2C: 2 sockets
4C: 4 sockets